Ramsey winch $200 obo

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Jan 7, 2009
Mount Desert Island
Big, old and Beefy! Plenty of rotation-resistant cable, brand new remote and solenoid cover. Electric motor needs new brushes. Shipping from 04605 will be pricey due to the weight.
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I'm interested. How much is shipping for 95404?
you winch whores!
After looking at my present finances, I'll have to pass. I may look into a winch at a later date in my restoration, but I should focus on the important stuff first.
Wahoo, I'm next in line!

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That winch is going to have a happy and confortable life once it leaves the Bangor Maine area and lives in Central California. Happy Winches live in California, or is that cows.

I'm sure my winch will be happy in California... its getting there that is the hard part. I'm doing my best to get the shipping quote together. So far ups freight quoted me over $400! I know that there must be a cheaper way.
Gimme a call or email if you need help with the shipping.
IF you can strap it to a pallet, drop it off at my terminal in BOS.

I can move it from BOS to SFO....you'll have to pick it up at our terminal in SFO.

Transit time: 4-days

Total costs: $150.00

If you have to have us pick it up....and an additional $85.00

No fuel surcharge bulls***, just a cheap rate.

Thats as long as it weighs (crated) less than 300bs.

Let me know if thats affordable to ya, and we'll go from there!

Not trying to hijack the thread for freight quotes....just trying to help out!

email me:

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