Ramble & Camp--June 17-19, 2016

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Aug 16, 2009
Hey everyone,

I'm going to go drive around the woods north of Spokane and camp the weekend of 17-19 June, barring any catastrophes between now and then. I've opened the trip up to 4 participants from Northwest Overland, and wanted to post up here to see if anyone wanted to join us.

The plan is to meet Friday evening somewhere, drive into the mountains, then camp. Get up Saturday, drive around the mountains, and camp. Wake up Sunday and drive out of the mountains.

I don't have a route planned, so if sticking to a strict schedule is your thing, this may not be the trip for you. I'd like to explore side roads and summit roads--all in the name of staying off pavement and finding awesome camping spots.

I'll be in the 80 with the dogs and wanted to see if anyone was interested in joining me. I'd like to keep the group smaller as to avoid the traveling circus feel. This won't be a hardcore run, and will be family friendly. I can't guarantee an adventure or that your paint will escape unscathed--some of these side trails are overgrown, but we'll do our best on both accounts!


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We're going to have two link up times, both at the Safeway in Chewelah:

6:00pm on 6/17 (Friday evening)--from there we'll head into the woods and camp, probably not too far out of town.

10:00am on 6/18 (Saturday morning)--we'll head back down, grab the Saturday folks, and head NE out of Chewelah.

I'm willing to work with folks if they can't make either time but want to meet us!

I would love to make this trip but, I have to work most weekends. Have fun.
Quite the adventure... my old RTT lift mechanism gave me some issues so I had to rig up a sleeping platform using my camp table and a milk crate! Good times had by all, and we scouted a few choice campsites.


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