Raleigh Car Show - FJ Cruiser & Yota Test Track

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Jun 18, 2003
Oriental, NC

The Raleigh, NC car show is looking good for the Yota crowd. The FJ cruiser will be at the show. Also, Toyota is setting up a 4x4 test track, to test drive tacomas and Tundras. The dates are the 16th through the 19th. I will go out there a couple of times I hope. They will let you drive the trucks with a Professional riding along.

I hope to see guys out there.

Let's see... driving on a test track at a crowded, city-based auto show with a pro riding along or wheeling your chit and camping out in the scenic and remote mountains of NC with a bunch of other Cruiser fanatics. Hmmmm.....

Priorities man, where are your priorities!?!?!? ;)
the pro that will be riding shootgun in the FJ should be a guy named Tim, I worked with him at the gray rock photo shoot with the FJ...... he is a good guy and a better driver, I couldn't believe the things he got the little FJ to do. As a side note Tim and the FJ will also be at GSMTR so people can test drive the FJ on the trails there!
I might be able to get out there, either Friday afternoon or Sat/Sun. When is everyone planning on going?

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