Rain Gutter Installation

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Aug 11, 2003
Fort Worth
Has anyone ever installed a new metal raingutter on their fiberglass hardtop roof? I'm about to and looking for any tips, recommendations, warnings, or anything else you've got.
Sorry, I'm in the same boat you are, I would like to hear from you after you get yours done though :-[ :D
i too am in this situaion.
i was thinking of gettins some round-stock that would drop right in the gutter and somehow forming around it (and then taking it back out obviously).

why yes as amatter of fact i'm in the final stages of a hardtop resto.
it's a fairly simple matter to handle, assuming you have atleast a basic knowledge of metal working.
of course handling the fibreglass (with NO metal on it!!) carefully is critical.
i'm using a top off a 70/40 and the holes, in the Fglass were pretty "rotted". so when i went to mount it on the driprail i drilled new holes in the glass.

when i made the new d/r (i used ccot pieces) i used the old d/r as a fixuture to assemble the new stuff, and get the hole locations for the holes that mount the glass and driprail to the sides.
before i finish welded it , i checked the fit of the fglass on it.

as of now i have not assembled all the top parts(sides to the fg, dr unit) when i'm ready to put the top on for winter, all i have to do is fit everything togther on the cruiser.
Thanks for the info. I should be getting my gutter from ccot any day now and will post my results when I finish.

the old fiberglass is a pita. it took me forever to get it right with a newly fabbed raingutter, and then the glass split real bad when i picked it up on one corner to look at the inside. :-X

good luck guys. if you have the capabilities, i would say make a new raingutter yourself, ccot will rip you a new one if you have to buy it. it really wasn't that hard for me (i'm no good at metal work and i only did the front half). only took me two tries to get it right (the first one wasn't square enuf).

Did any of you guys get the weather strip kit from coolcruisers ?

I was wondering which rubber went where ? Is there a seal between the fiberglass and the metal gutter ?

There is the stock piece in place bewtween the hardtop sides and the gutter and its not leaking, so im inclined to leave it alone.
I got the hard top seal kit from ccot. The only thing between the fiberglass top and the metal rain gutter is caulk-like adhesive. Unless you are replacing your raingutter, I'd leave it alone.
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