Raffle truck work day for July

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Apr 16, 2006
Manassas Va
Saw where Eric asked about our next work day on the raffle truck. How does July 28th sound to everyone?
Got some body work and priming done on the tub. I'm sure Jon will post up some pics, I believe he took some.
I'm technically challenged, will try to post up pics tonight after things settle down for the evening...meaning my better half goes to bed.

Finally, here are some pics. We got some good work done on the exterior tub. We used some Evercoat kitty fur and glazing compound from my personal stock and the remaining paint donated to us by NoVASteve. OkiTLC is a master with the glazing compound so both sides of the tub are looking pretty good. We left a little "character" in the rear corners to make sure noone mistakes this rig as a mall cruiser.

Here is E doing that thing that he does so well.............And The Old Man in his wheelchair...........and a glipse at the results. Thanks guys!

Next time we tackle the interior tub, firewall and clean-up the engine.



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