raear axle question

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Mar 25, 2005
I am thinking of buying a 1991 80 and wanted to know if the rear axle in it is a full floater, I know that it is still drum brakes but dont know if it is semi or full floater
I don't know the US models but my 90 HZJ80 defiitely has a fully floating rear end. In fact I'm sure all OZ models came with a full floater even the drum brake models. I thought the last L/C to have a semi floater was a 3-speed FJ40. I could be wrong especially with the US model variants. If i am wrong could some body post up some photos as I am interested to see this option.
All US FJ80s had SF rear axles/rear drum brakes, as did a few early FZJ80s. These early FZJs had drum rear brakes only where the full floaters had drum parking brakes and disc service brakes. Dunno where to find pictures but externally there's no difference (same bolt pattern and wheels).

You should be able to tell by the hub sticking out in the centre of the wheel. The FF hubs have the axle bolted to the outside of the hub with 6 x 8mm studs, nuts and cone washers. As far as I know semi floaters don't have this setup.
My '90 HDJ80 axle has stock disc brakes and locker. I've never seen drum brakes on a 80 series ever over here in Holland.
The parking brake system sucks cause it filles with crap and locks/wears quickly.

I recently worked on a 100 series rear axle and that is semi floater, but bigger and heavier than the 80 series full floater. And nothing is interchangeble with the 80 series. So I guess there are (newer) semi floaters out there.
x2 on the parking brake being a PITA.
We get lots of drum brake rears over here on the base model pre93 cruisers. You got pics of the 100 semi-floater, I'm genuinely interested in the set up and why toyota would change from FF to an inferior set up.

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