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Radio ?? for T100

Sep 24, 2003
I figger you newer cruiser guys might know that answer to this one...

I want to replace the radio with a factory CD/radio unit(it used to have the single Din tape unit) as a gift for a friend with a 95 T100 (he's loves his T100 almost as much as his cruiser). I am seeing a lot of used radios on ebay from 98 to current car and trucks that all look the same radio which would be great but I'm guessing the harness has changed since his truck. I'm wondering what it will take to make these newer style factory radios to work. Any harness adapters out there or will it be a cut and slice job (I'd maybe do that if I had reliable pin data and both plugs).


(PS- I put this here cus the "other" forum is dead ;)


Dec 13, 2002
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There are a bunch of wiring adapters out there for putting different radios in to stock locations. I would not be surprised if the stock plugs lined up just fine.
i suggest soldering as well.

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