radiator, snorkel & nose guard

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What fan are you running on that?
Thanks... the nose guard is from www.metaltechcage.com (great kit and low price as well).

The fan is a 16" Derale electric -- got it to fit on the stock radiator -- thought it would do the trick :( it didnt.

Now I put that HUGE Summit radiator in and I think my overheating days are over 8)
What are you gonna do when it rains/snows on that exposed K&N filter you have up there :eek:

I don't see that working too well in any adverse weather conditions... :-\

Jody. [tt]Who's working on a snorkel setup himself.[/tt]
true... my thoughts were that when I am driving throught mud, rain, etc. I get just as much or more water, mud, etc. on that filter under the hood as I will get where it is now... but not sure (will wait and see if it is a problem).

If it is I will fab up some kind of shield for the top or put a box under the hood and run the snorkel out of it (but I am reasonably sure this will work great for how I use my cruiser) :D
[quote author=FredTheMonster link=board=1;threadid=9335;start=msg81561#msg81561 date=1072726948]
Thanks... the nose guard is from www.metaltechcage.com (great kit and low price as well).[/quote]

I am gettin his cage also (when I get the $$$) just thats not exactly what it looked like on their website

also very nice, :eek: mine too one day if i'm lucky --->"73 fj40 (frame-off); ram jet 350, sm465, 3sp tc, soa with cut & turn, 55 springs, ps, 4:88's with detroits front and rear, longfields, 38.5 x 14.5 sx swampers, mini disks & Kong's high steer"
The nose guard on the site doesn't picture the front bars that come down in front of the hoop. did thse come with the kit or did you add those?
i has the same question about the snorkel. i am running a weber and dont have the original type air cleaner, so if i wanted to do a snorkel it would have to be something like that. right now i dont have anything but went through a huge puddle the exposed filter got soaked and the engine died for like 20 minutes. i found on ebay and small 5 inch air filter that comes with a louvered metal top, should work great, similar to the hummer style air cleaner. here is what it looks like- http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2451426293&category=34198
the bars that come down in front did NOT come with the kit... I just put those together in that I did not want the nose guard to fold if I did an endo or hit it wrong (just adds more support to the solution). Would have been nice to know what winch I was going to install so I could have done that thinking up front but oh well... will be easy to change if needed.

I would NOT use the filter that is shown on ebay but it really depends on what engine you are running :D The RamJet 350 pulls a lot of ponies so it needs a great deal of air as well... You will notice that the filter on my snorkel is not just a round cone... that is because the motor may need more air than that can provide so they made it wider. I do not think a small 4" filter will work on a v8 -- will likely have to pull air SO HARD to get air that it may start pulling bits of dirt through as well -- YOU DO NOT WANT THAT! :eek:

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