Radiator replacement for LJ78 Prado

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Jan 28, 2008
Has anyone replaced a radiator in a LJ78 Prado EX5? :wrench:

I was hoping there was a american model that would fit. If was a bit bigger it would be an asset.:meh:

I have 2 hairline cracks in the top and the summer driving season approaches!
Well it looks like I'm in the same boat, several weeping holes and summer heat coming up.

The easiest option is to take the rad to a rad shop, and have them put in another core and fix the cracks. This seams to be the road most travelled, with good results. Another option I'm exploring is a new rad, from the domestic market. I've found a rad from Radiator Barn for a 92 forerunner 2.4 L 4wd, that looks like it might fit (size anyways). The intake pipe is on the other side(better cooling), but should'nt be a problem. As for mounting, that's the question. Also add another core. I'm leaning this way cause my top tank seams fairly rotten, and this might be a good start to add another core to.

Like I mentioned earlier, I'm in the same boat and any input on this topic is welcome.

How about alluminum?

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I wish I had something more to offer here, but at least this will bump the thread...

I stop at a local rad shop at lunch today and he suggested putting in a aftermarket racing rad... (not sure of the brand...) I was told to expect 4-500.00 (with me taking out the old rad and installing the new one...) I must admit I am a bit nervous about the reinstall (air locks etc...)

Does this sounds too expensive? I may consider having them put it in as well...
I went through this about six months back was ready to do the whole rad core thing .The top tank was leaking and engine temps were scaring me it never got hot but I watch the temp and it was moving around abit. I pulled the rad and had a look at the top tank . took my torch and heated up the solder where the leak and wire brushed out all the crappy solder . It was kinda powdery and tinned it all up with flux and soldered it up every thing has been good temp sits just above the 1/3 side of the stock gauge again this is stuff most people can do I would not knowingly drive on a leaking rad with this truck they are to temp sensitive .I talked to the local cruiser gurus John and Rob and got good advise ,run your garden hose as many ways as you can through your cooling system you won't believe the crud . I used some rad flush stuff first and have your rad cleaned I work in a heavy industrial setting so I just took it to work and boiled it out again lots of crud . after I fixed the leak I painted the top of the rad this makes it easy to spot any new leaks if they occur . hope it helps Russell
I had mine fixed shortly after I bought my truck. a few years ago.
Same kind of weapy leaking.
I had mine recored. While they were at it I asked them to add another row of core over and above what the original rad had..
Which they did.
Rad has been solid ever since the recore.
Hope that helps you a bit.
Hey guys!
I also need to change the radiator. I went to a guy who does repair radiators here in Vancouver and I was told 350-450$ with adding 1 more core. I am just thinking if there is another way how to improve the factory one? Mine is loosing the small metal "things" running between houses. Pretty much falling apart :) but no leak though. Later I'll post some pictures.
Not sure how this will help you guys in Canada but there is at least one company here in the States that produces custom made aluminum radiators that are guranteed to cool approximately 50% better than stock. You simply provide the dimensions and some good quality photos of your existing unit and they go from there. Told to expect $400.00 to $500.00 (USD) ....................1978HJ45
350-450 for a 4 core is a decent price
you can also go 3X3/4" over the stock 3 X 1/2" which improves the cooling by 25%.
aluminum would be a good way to go...
Hi Crushers, Are there any current Land Cruisers that are using the 3X3/4 radiator that can be used as a donor vehicle or provide a part number to purchased with? My LJ78 radiator has been recored but I am not at all impressed with its current performance? Thanks .....1978HJ45
custom each time, core came from somewhere in BC but i don't know where.
the results, although definately noticable, didn't stop the 3L head from cracking the second time
After researching the radiator replacement issue here in the States it boils down to a good news / bad news situation.
The good news: There are several companies that can custom build aluminum radiators with much larger capacity therefore much greater cooling capabilities.
The bad news: Everyone one I spoke to had to have my current radiator ( to use as a template ) and would need it for approximately 2 weeks. This is obviously a problem if the Cruiser is your only vehicle.
...The obvious answer: Park my LJ78 until Winter returns.....
"Crushers"...That is the logical solution to you and I but perhaps not to my wife. Especially when I ask her to pull her 4Runner out of the garage so I would have somewhere to park my Cruiser. She has no sense of humor when it comes to my Land Cruiser collection..........Take care.....1978HJ45
So I put 82deg thermostat into my Prado and this brought the temperature down to lower 1/4 of the temperature gauge on the flats and went up to the middle, when going the hills full throttle. Before wit 88deg thermostat it was in the lower half, maybe 1/3 (flats) and climbed up to 3/4 when on the hills. After the thermostat opened fully, it went down to the half mark. This was a problem on shorter climbs on the hwy, when the 88deg didn't have time to open.
Unfortunately removing the A/C condenser is not an option in an area where Summer time temps. often exceed 100 degrees (F).
It does not do any good to protect the engine while the driver suffers from heat stroke. I have noticed that the condenser can add up to 15 degrees to the operating temp. of the engine at road speeds so removing it is a good option for those who can.
unfortunately a dead engine WITH AC does not prevent the driver from getting heat stroke while he is sitting on the side of the road waiting patiently for the tow truck to arrive.
nor does it prevent the driver from getting a slap up side the head from his wife either...

:lol: said in fun :lol:

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