radiator dimensions???

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Jan 30, 2003
I am having my local radiator shop order me an aluminum radiator for our cruiser. We are going to have this in front of a SBC 350. I need the dimensions of a 4 core radiator for this application so that I can give those to the shop for ordering puroposes. If anyone can give me these dimensions, I would appreciate it. :D
Come on guys, I know somebody out there has radiator dimensions that would help me out. I'm sure alot of you could just check yours out and give me a shout. I've tried with the crusier companies and nobody is willing or able to give me the information I need. Please help...
No, the stock is a two core. But, I just need the length and width measurements, not the depth. I would really appreciate it if you oculd give me those measurements from your radiator. Thanks.
I went out and measured the room I have and figured out where I could mount some mounts for the radiator. Anyway, does 22" wide & 19" tall sound right? Thanks.
Howe 28" rad.

Buy a Howe 28" 2 core alum rad w/ the upturn on the lower outlet. I bought mine from pitstopusa.com but summitracing.com is equally good. Part # 342A28, $200 +/-. Use the tech link on this site that includes part of an alumn street sign post. I have a csb 400 and no cooling problems anymore.

I guess this doesn't really matter though if you're having a shop do it for you.
Good luck
I had my stock radiator re cored 4 core there was enough room for the additional cores.
I went out and measured the room I have and figured out where I could mount some mounts for the radiator.  Anyway, does 22" wide & 19" tall sound right?  Thanks.    

I read all these responses and saw that not a single one of us actually answered your basic question. What a bunch of dimwits we are! So I called my young son and asked him to measure while I wait. He says my stock FJ40 radiator is 20"x20". Keep in mind he's a musician, not a mechanic; he had to ask me "What's the radiator look like, dad?" !! But I think he got it pretty close.
I realize that once again, this doesn't answer your question but I'm at work so I can't measure mine... Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I bought a new radiator from (believe it or not) www.radiators.com. It is a 3 row with a lifetime warranty and cost $100 including a free cap. I have a 305 in my rig and it never overheats...

Just thought I'd mention it b/c $200 was double what I paid... You can add an electric fan for $50 and still be cheaper!
BTW: in case you or anyone else is interested in buying from there, make sure you call them instead of placing the order online... I called to verify it was three rows and they told me that if I ordered it over the phone that they would give me free shipping... saved me $10 :beer:
CCOT has the rad. dimensions on their site.
Thanks for the input guys. I looked it all over and am weighing my options.

Did you get those shock on Paul?

Thanks Again Guys
I had some work done on my internals on 4/2 and my Doc said not to lift anything over 10 lbs for 6 weeks.
If I get in a hurry for the shocks I might bribe some buddies with beer and pizza to put them on.
I'm gonna get a new 4 core from CCOT asap. My 350 gets a little hot with ambients over 80 deg f. Not bad going down the road but will warm up rapidly when poking along.
The aluminum ones are nice but they sure are spendy.
Paul, those radiators are on sale right now at CCOT. Check 'em out. Also, do you run a high volume water pump, high heat thermostat? Anything else to keep temp down?

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