Radiator Dilemma fj80

Feb 26, 2003
southern Illinois
For those of you that have done the V8 conversion on an 80 series, I was wondering if any of you had to change the radiator or if the stock one is good enough for the V8. My current radiator has a crack in it :doh: and I am looking for a new one. I have the 3FE motor right now but I am looking to do the conversion to the V8 hopefully in a year or so and I would hate to spend the cash for a stock radiator now and then have to buy a different one for the V8 when I am ready for the conversion. I would like to buy one now that would work for both the 3FE and a V8 in the future. I was looking at the Brass Aftermarket radiator from Specter because I really do not want a stock plastic radiator. If any one has used that radiator from Specter in front of a V8, any information on it would be great. :beer:

Mar 27, 2003
IIRC Jeff Jones used the stock rad with his SBC conversion. In any case, I would not buy an aftermarket rad from Specter as you're just paying the middle man markup. Order direct through radiatorsexpress or radiators.com, etc. It will be cheaper.
Nov 16, 2003
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
I bought my all metal radiator CSFracing. from a local shop.....
Same feeling here about plastic....
Don't know if the V8 conversion, will work on these rads....bump.
Anyone else.?

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