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Jan 3, 2003
So getting ready for the big overhaul. dropping the 4.3 in the 70 40. Now my rad is leakin a bit but it is has been around for a while and I am thinkin that it would be good to change that as well. What would anyone suggest as a replacement? New or used? What is the minimum size and maximum size I can go with? I think mine is a 4 core is it worth rebuilding? I would like it if there was little to no fab needed to get it in but cost is important. I am kinda running low on funds but I don't want to get it all together and have problems(like I'm gonna have any problems)with the cooling. I don't think the 4.3 can take as much neglect as my 2f can(dang I am bad to that thing).

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Dec 13, 2002
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Part of the trade off with the 4.3L/5.7L swaps for the Toyota stuff is the reliability issues with the GM motors. In exchange you get lighter weight, more power, cheap and available parts, and the ability to have a spare motor sitting in the garage for next to nothing.
You can recore your 4 row and have fine cooling in a 4.3.

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