Racing in VA/DC/WV next weekend

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The Cruiser Whisperer
Sep 26, 2003
Lancaster, Ohio, USA
Guys, ZebraBee and I will be racing :steer: our crapcan at Summit Point motoplex & pleasuredome in the 24 Hours of LeMons race next weekend. Pretty sure that's near DC.:hmm: It's just a few minutes from Winchester, VA.
Our plan is to be at the track Fri, Sat & Sun. We'll be racing, but also chillin' & grillin' on Fri & sat night.
Info here:
Lemons spectator info
Race schedule

There is also an annoying car show/drifting thing for the hip kids on the other course. One admission fee gets you into LeMons & hyperfest all day saturday.
Annoying HyperFest kiddie car show info

If you're interested in meeting up with me or Zebrabee, contact me through the email linky on the forum. It's pretty busy in the shop, trying to get all the customer work out the door , and building racecar at night, so emails might not get a response....:meh: But it's worth a try. Hope to see some friendly Mudders there.

We're car #190, and orange & black checkerboard paint VW Golf A2.
It looks like this:

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My brother in law will be racing his black geometro - "a drinking team with a racing problem ". If I make it up there, I will give you a shout. Good luck!
How big was Greg's time penalty last year?
FJ40Jim said:
Is it a Metro or a Geo Storm? We pitted next to a black Storm last year. And there was some drinking there.

My bad. It is a geo storm. I hope to see ya there

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