R134 A/C and Dealer Charges

May 7, 2003
Hi All,

I just have to gripe. It was about 95 degrees here in the Bay Area yesterday, and I noticed while sitting in traffice that my A/C was seriously lacking in cooling while sitting. Being that I am new to the LC (it is a 1996), when I stopped, I popped the hood and looked at the sight glass to see if there were any bubbles. Sure enought, there were quite a few, signifying the the charge was low. So I call the dealer and ask them how much they charge to add 134 to a system. First they tell me that it has a leak. I replied they all leak and given the truck is 7 years old, I would rather fill it and see how it works than spend hours searching for what might be non-existant or very slow leak. They then put me on hold and came back and quoted me $125 plus $25 pound for R134. After counting to ten, I asked the guy if he was joking. He said, no. I explained I was asking them to peform 10 minutes worth of work. He said "that's our price."

So, given I have charged systems before, I went down to my local Target, where I remember they sell R134 charge kits. $25 later, I have a kit, with a cheap gauge to measure the low side pressure, the filler tube, and a 16 oz bottle of R134. I checked the charge last night, and it was a little low. 10 minutes and 12 oz of R134, the charge was filled. Now to see how it works during the day.

So a question for you guys with the R134 factory systems. How do they work when it gets hot 100+? Are they good in traffic, or do they run out of cooling?

Happy Trails


P.S.- I don't normally go to the dealer, but the mechanic who works on my car doesn't have any 134 equiptment. He has had so few customers with problems with the 134 systems he hasn't bothered to purchase any.
Apr 3, 2003

My A/C works well here in the South Bay yesterday; while on the trip to Las Vegas last year, where temperature climps more than 115+ degree during noon, my A/C was not much help anymore with stop and go traffic on the strip (and I had to park outside 'cause I had cargo carrier on top). On the freeway, it cools much faster - I'm thinking about buying a condensor fan now.

Mar 27, 2003
Greetings Cary -

Welcome to the list.
It was closer to 100 over here in Butte Co. today. It's not B-A bumper-to-bumper, of course, but hot is hot, and the a/c in my '97 seems to be able to keep up with it ok.


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