R Front alxe splines How bad is too bad.

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Jun 26, 2016
Richmond Virginia

Obviously I need a drive flange, but can I expect reasonable (25k miles or so) flange life with this much spline wear. Clean outer measures 32.5mm worn is measuring just a hair under 32mm. Previous Owner did not much believe in maintenance ~ I bought it not running.

Just got it running today "SUPRISE!!!"

Preferred new flange source?
Is there a Good / Bad source?
Just order up the 1996 Outer and Flange?
No Bueno if you want 95 and up flange and birf for the thicker flange
No good if? Not sure I am following you. Searching Searching Searching.
I'm just saying those splines are no good. If you want thicker flang and longer birf now would be the time

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