R/C Boats anyone?

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May 20, 2007
St. Stephens Church, VA
We moved into a new place this winter on a branch of the Lafayette river here in Norfolk. I'm on an inlet that sees four feet or so when the tide is in, mud when it's out. I am looking to get an R/C boat to play around with when the tide is in. I would go for the gold, but my boy is only four and I don't want to drop big $$ yet.

The ones I see in the toy stores are crap. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I'm kinda partial to big sail boats. They're very realistic and you can sail for hours with no noise and no recharging. It's relaxing like fishing. If you can get some waders and walk out into the mud, you could place three floats and have a nice race course.
me and my uncle made an rc boat, bought a hull, wipper-snipper motor, couple or servos remotes, add a couple drops of nitro to the unleaded fuel and it fly's(not literally, it goes fast)
I occassionally run & race gas r/c boats. I have a Crackerbox that gets up to about 45 mph and Hurricane Mono that clocks in around 60 mph. Ran a few nitro boats before when first started and was too much of a pain. Proboat is ok to play with just don't expect anything fast!!

check out www.jrcbd.com
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Only problem is if your alone and it dies, you gotta swim to get it.

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