quick spindle question

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Jul 8, 2005
New Kent, VA
For some reason when i swapped axles and thirds 2 weeks ago I had it in my head to put a coating of grease on the spindle before i slid it on. I mean from the end to where the threads begin. Im wondering if that will let the inner part of the bearing spin on the spindle and screw it up. Am i just being paranoid or is it worth pulling the rotors and putting them back on sans grease? Thanks.

Don't worry about it..
Cool, when i pulled them off the grease had kinda migrated all over the spindle so i figured it wouldnt hurt anything.

Thanks mace. Hows bob coming?
Haven't touched it. Been doing silly things like filling my front tires with water in my 40 for a hammers trip this weekend..
yah you want to grease the spindle. Keeps the bearing from getting fused to the spindle, also prevents corrosion on the spindle.

The bearing preload pinches the inner part of the beaing to the spindle, so it won't turn on the spindle.

IMOP anyhow... :)
Yeah, i figured it was ok, the biggest reason i asked is because i think last time i put it together i had one bearing a little tight since there was a little of what appeared to be bluing on the surface of the spindle. It wiped off so i guess it was just grease that had gotten hot or something but i was wondering if greasing the spindle bearing surfaces might have let it spin and do that.

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