quick question ,shock mounting direction?

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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
just curious on everybody's input /opinion
i am in the process of finishing up my 4x4 labs high steer
and my custom shock mounts are causing the shock to just hit the steering arm
but if i flip the shocks over end for end .they won't hit the arm

can i mount a Pro Comp ES3000 Shock in any direction does it matter which end is up ?

what is the proper orientation of a shock?

Howdy! Go for it!! I have 8 shocks on my Piggy that are all mounted with the body up, and the rod extends down. Lots of folks have noticed the boots on the bottom and tried to tell me that they are upside down, and they won't work that way. Well, the shocks are nearly 20 years old, and they all still work fine. Shocks do not know which way is up, literally. They only know compression and extension. John
NICE! :grinpimp: :flipoff2:

VERTICAL.....lol:flipoff2::meh: sorry i can't resist..:frown:

so it doesn't matter for a hydraulic shock ?

here is some info on the shock

• Expanded twin tube hydraulic performance shock
• Cellular gas insert reduces aeration and foaming
• 10 stage velocity sensitive valving
• Internal bump stop eliminates damage caused by overextension
• 1 3/8” nylon banded piston rod
• 5/8” chrome hardened piston rod

"The twin tube cellular gas design of the ES3000 is engineered to substantially improve driving comfort and
performance both on and off the road. With its 10 stage velocity sensitive valving, the ES3000 self adjusts to
various road conditions while improving your vehicle’s handling characteristics. The large 5/8” chrome
hardened piston rod and unique Teflon rebound stop delivers a comfortable highway ride and the ability to
handle the most demanding driving conditions. With double welded shock mounts for maximum strength and
the exclusive Pro Comp Suspension limited lifetime warranty, the ES3000 will ensure ultimate performance for
as long as you own your vehicle."

:cheers: Jake
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Nice add! Look forward to hearing your review in a couple of months.

Had my (oil) shocks in both positions for various reasons. didn't notice any change in operating characteristics.
I guess i will go out tomorrow and flip them around . should i flip the rears also, do you think it would look better with them all facing the same direction ?

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