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Sep 12, 2003
Tacoma, WA
I will be towing my HJ60 this month and need to know if it will fit on the UHAUL trailers. I know it exceeds the "recommended" weight, but the a trailer specialist I spoke with said it would be fine. My main concern is length: will the LC wheelbase fit on the trailer? Anyone have any experience with this?

I am also open to any other "economical" way to tow the cruiser. I have a truck, just need the trailer! Thanks!

Time's running out, quick responses GREATLY appreciated!
This prolly won't help but the guy that dropped off my 62 used a u-haul 2 axle trailer.

it'll fit fine..the wheelbase on a 60/62 is minorly different from that of a phat 70's sedan, so I don't see a problem.
Before I bought my own trailer I used the uhaul tandem axle trailers with the hydraulic brake set up in the neck. Length is not the problem. Typically these things have and most people use the over the wheel tie down straps that on the front of them. Wasn't an issue for me as I had @ 1600 lbs on it...but I have seen many others going down the road with way too much tongue weight. What happens is people pull the car up on and all the way forward to the wheel chocks to the over the wheel tie down straps. This puts the engine and a whole lot more weight out in front of the tandem axles and consequently on the tongue of the tow vehicle. Not a good idea. Ideally IIRC you want about 200 lbs of tongue weight. The fix....hmmm buy/rent/borrow 4 ratcheting tie down straps or you may be able to get better weight distribution if you can back the truck on and get the engine weight back between the trailer's tandem axles.

I've towed my BJ60 with a car dolly, but that too was way over the recommended limits!
used on to haul my 4 runner and it had LOTS of room .... but i hope you got a BIG tow rig those things wght a TON ...tossed my crew cab around like amini truck :doh:
Thanks everyone! Sounds like I’m "go" with the UHAUL trailer. I'll consider driving it on backwards, but if I’m not mistaken, despite the engine in the front, isn't there more weight over the rear axle?

PS: My buddies '03 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax will be doing the towing. Thanks again.

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