Quick ? On disabling drl's...

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May 26, 2010
My fogs in my fab fours bumper were wired in conjunction with my brights; however, they're connected to a switch in the cab so I can control whether or not I want them to pop on when my brights are enabled.

i saw a thread elsewhere.....maybe the blue forums, where a guy mentioned that he disabled his DRL's; however, his fogs kicked on in their place.

can anybody determine whether or not i'll have this problem and if so will i be able to turn them on/off with my switch?

Need more detail on your wiring, but, it doesn't sound that way. It sounds like your aux lights are wired into the high beam circuit, with a switch in-line to turn them off when the high beams are on.

The other guy you refer to appears to have wired his into a different circuit. Unless you've tied into the relay that turns the DRL's on/off, no reason it should impact you...
roger....appreciate it.

again, i do have the ability to switch them on/off while brights enabled.

yeah, the fogs don't pop on when the vehicle is thrown into D along with the DRL's so I assumed I'd be good to go.

thanks boss.
I disabled my DRL's by disconnecting the harness behind the driver side headlamp. I connected my AUX Hella lamps control wire to my marker lights (instead of the highbeam control). So now the AUX operate manually with dash switch - or I can leave the switch in the on position and control them with the column switch (both marker & AUX simultaneously). So what I really do is leave the AUX switch on all the time and they act like my DRL's. They will auto-off and the key-fob remote kills them too. Note the manual switch does not override the column switch. The markers must be on for my AUX lights to come on.

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