Quick Oil Change Question

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Mar 8, 2008
Northwest Arkansas / Texas
Quick question: When you guys to the oil change, do you fill up the new filter with oil before screwing it in? I know the FSM calls for more oil for a filter change than just a straight oil change in order to account for the filter filling up, but my dad informed me that he thinks my brother's tacoma blew up because of not getting oil to the engine fast enough after the filter change when he left the filter dry. FSM didn't say anything about filling the filter up, but I don't want to risk a engine blow up.

Thanks for any help.
Never heard of pre-filling. Sounds like a personal preference and I doubt you have anything to worry about on the UZJ100.
but my dad informed me that he thinks my brother's tacoma blew up because of not getting oil to the engine fast enough after the filter change when he left the filter dry.

Uh, that's just ludicrous. Sorry. The oil pumps straight from the pan into the motor, there's very little time that lapses. On the 80 series some peeps report a little valve chatter on start up, but that's the top side of the motor and it does take a second or two for the oil to pump up there.

There's two fill specs, with and without filter change, just make sure you put enough in and check it afterwards.
I dont but I have.....try it on a any F motor.....no joy, on the 100 sure why not
Just like most questions on how to do something "right", I am sure you will get many different suggestions, probably none of them wrong. From my experience with the 100, it would have been difficult to pre fill the filter due to its angle. There is over 7 quarts of oil in the engine after a change, and I think there is always a moment of dry start to an engine whether or not there is oil in the filter. I will say that I have filled the filter first when a vertical installation is used. Most of the good filters have anti drain valves in them to help eliminate the dry start condition.
i've never heard of anyone pre-filling any oil filter that screws into an angled mount. i would think you would spill oil all over the place when you try and screw it on. just one thing to remember is ALWAYS pre-wet the rubber gasket with oil and don't crank it down too tight.
its an age thing I suspect, if your young, 20-30's you have prolly never been around an old time wrencher....thats the way they use to do it and prolly HAD to one some motors back in the day.

I forget who told me this but it was over 35 years ago.....someone did

if you find some old 1960's repair books might find it mentioned
Thanks for the info. I think the age thing might explain it; combined with a little paranoia after my brother's blow up. Thanks again, I always appreciate the info available on the forum.
i've always done it when i change the oil in my 40.

I've never changed the oil in my 100, for some reason i take it to the same guy to get it done. I've always liked the fact that he inspects the entire truck and suggests parts that show some wear..
The 100 filter is angled in a way that would make it difficult to put much oil in it before screwing it on. But I always oil the gasket unless I have the cool OEM pre-lubed ones and make sure the old filter's gasket isn't stuck on the engine. Fill with book amount, check it and start it up. Never any indication of a lack of pressure.

Like most old mechanic's tricks, There was probably a reason to do that with some motors but if it's not in in modern FSMs then that time has past.

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