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Feb 27, 2022
United Kingdom
New member in the UK and new to Land Cruiser ownership.
I have recently bought a 2006 diesel engined 100 series with automatic transmission. It has covered about 125,000 miles and is a stock as a rock.
So far I have driven it about 1,200 miles , checked the oil a couple of times and fed it (overpriced) diesel.
I am really enjoying it, however I am also beginning to notice a few little defects, which I would like to address. It is 16 years old after all.

I should add that; I bought the car, while working overseas, late last year and only saw the car for the first time in January. (I had a good friend look it over and test drive it, before purchasing it, but as competent as he is, he is not the irritating perfectionist that I am ).

In the next couple of month, I will be spending more time in the UK and hopefully have some spare to give this fine old machine some of the care and attention it clearly deserves.
So far I note:
The rear diff lock doesn't engage, the electric gubbins for adjusting the steering column is also defective and the car lays a bit of a smoke screen if given full throttle at 75 or 80 mph. (I suspect worn seals in the turbo, but am very open to advice.) I'd like to improve the dipped beam head lights and fix some dashboard lighting that doesn't work. Otherwise I am delighted with it and wish I had bought one years ago.

Once I get a chance to investigate some of these faults, I will come back with some some specific questions in individual threads and hopefully one day I will also be able to put something back in.

All the best, Mark
Welcome to MUD! You'll find that there are plenty of us stateside who are extremely envious of your diesel. Yeah...the fluid is more expensive but that's something that many of us would gladly suffer with.


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