For Sale Quick Hinge Seals - 40 Series

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Jul 12, 2015
Greenfield, MN
I designed these for a member of the forum and made a few more to recover my costs. The parts are designed to fit the exact contours of our FJ40s. They are made out of TPU, a flexible material that is more rigid than rubber but exhibits some of the same characteristics. I have test fitted them on several tubs including a Gozzard tub. There is a grid pattern on the backside and a draft angle designed into the part to allow for the application of an adhesive sealant.
I made two versions. One will fit unmodified hinges, the other was designed for a cleaner look, however, they require cutting the mounting plate as shown in the picture below. The material is flexible enough to stretch over the hinge pivot. Although the part is designed to fit tight around the part, the true "sealing" comes from application of a sealant / adhesive behind the part. The part is more for aesthetics than anything else.
It takes about 3 hours to run a set. I am charging $34.00 for a complete set of 4 of either version.



InkedQuick Hinge Project v15-3.jpg

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Will do, are you looking for the parts with the large or small cutout? Thanks for you order!

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