Quick Help: Replacement Windshield Installer Recommendation(s) in Salt Lake City Area

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Jan 26, 2010
Hi All - I need to replace the windshield in my 2006 LX. Does anyone have an installer recommendation in the Salt Lake City Area? I have read a lot of posts on issues with installers that might not be familiar with installing these - and I am hoping to avoid any issues. Thanks in advance.
I've had good experience with both Diamond and Safelite over the years, and through way more than my share of windshield replacements.
Thanks for the quick replies! Aside from the screws vs. rivets, anything else I should watch for or request? (i.e. OEM vs. aftermarket, etc.)
I know a dude out in West Valley if you don’t want to do Safelite. He did mine and it was great - touched up a little rust and used the right rivets etc

Main thing to watch out for is if your previous windshield was installed improperly you may have some rust underneath.
Perfect. Thanks for the replies and the contact. I'll reach out to Adan. If you can believe it - this is the original windshield. I'm not sure how it lasted so long. I think I have probably had 1000 rock chips repaired on it.

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