quick game of what's this?

Mar 24, 2005
hey guys -

in my attempt to make sure everything on the truck is hooked up [and perferably correctly] i've found a couple stray connectors that i'd like your opinions on. they're disconnected and i can't tell where their home should be.

a. the photo with the blue box is of a connector near the windshield washer bottle at the firewall. it's red or brown and seems to be currently jammed up with junk. i don't see another end for this to connect to.

b. here is a blue plug coming off the loom at the igniter along with the other two green connectors. this one may be obvious, but i can't tell and again there's nothing around it to wire into.

any help on these would be great.

Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
I don't have my own truck to compare, but keep in mind that Toyota used one wiring harness for many different specs, there's always a lot of connectors that are used in one market and not another.

My FJ62 has a fully manual t-case, no push-button 4WD. One day after parting out a US-spec FJ62, I took the filler plate out of mine and was going to slip in the 4WD button (to use for accessories) and noticed the plug right behind it. I plugged it in and now I have a neat button for rocklights that lights up when you turn the lights on and didn't need an additional hole drilled into the dash.
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