Quick carb fuel inlet question.

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Stop calling it an FJ
Aug 31, 2004
Putting a '78 2F into a '69 FJ55...with an early '70s intake manifold and a '71 carb.
'71 carb original fuel inlet points towards valve cover, hard fuel line from fuel pump comes at carb from the front. I would probably mangle hard line if I tried to bend it to come at carb from valve cover side, do not want to resort to rubber fuel line.
Can I just put a banjo on top of fuel inlet, capping the side inlet? Top inlet (or fuel outlet if it had a fuel return, which it does not) is currently capped.
carbquestion 001.jpg
I don't know about the '71 carb, but if it is like the later carbs, the banjo bolt will fit into the fuel inlet and visa versa. Do you need one?
If not, just use an elbow-flow is not that high to be impacted by a 90 degree turn.

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