Quick 3B oil pressure question

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You can't really trust the factory electronic gauges. Mine actually goes to zero when its hot and I have put a mechanical gauge on it and warm at idle I actually have 12psi when the gauge reads zero. So if you really need to know you should hook a mechanical gauge to it just to confirm what your gauge is telling you.

And just for the info, the 3B engine manual says as little as 4 lbs at idle is acceptable even on a new engine. Found this a bit surprising.

in the landcruiser handbook bj40`s safe zone goes all the way back to just under 1st and 2nd mark on guage i was relieved myself to read that , but if your oil pressure is poor shorely your motor would rattle when excelerating like when you got low oil , i get no change in engine noise when my guage drops way back on idol , when i installed a turbo it dropped back a little more so i investigated and found the original handbook which tells you about the guage readings etc
Ve got an ISSPRO gauge on there. I was just curious as even the factory gauge was slow to react. Hit the key, truck starts up and then the oil pressure starts to register. Book says my numbers are good but I was just wondering about pressure time. Seems to be normal.

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