Questions re: Lift Kits OME vs CCOT

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Feb 4, 2006
Raton, New Mexico
I plan to install a suspension lift kit on a stock 79 FJ40. The FJ40 will have an 8274 winch on the front, 33 x 9.5 tires, will usually carry two people with a light load of gear and be used for "moderate" trails.

  • Anyone have experience with both OME (from MAF)and CCOT suspension kits? Specifically ride quality on and off road and durability (spring sagging and breakage).
  • From what I've read a 4 inch lift has negative unintended consequences for steering an driveline geometries. Is this the case?
Thanks in advance for the help.

I like the 2.5" OME lift in my truck. It rides nice and flexes well off road.


not the same rig but I have a 2 inch lift on my 4runner daily driver and WOW what a difference. Love the ride and flexes great off road, improved on road driveability greatly too. If I were building a SUA 40 and needed a small lift I would definetly go with the OME suspensions again.

Hi All:

If you plan on running only 33X9.5R15 tires, a 2 inch lift is plenty; heck you can run 33X9.5s on stock springs and wheels!

The OME suspension I installed on my FJ40 in 1998 still performs very well, on and off-road.


I run the CCOT HFS 4" springs, with OME shocks and MAF 1 1/2 plus shackles, with 33" MTRs, the best suspension money I have put into my cruiser(73 FJ-40)
Prior to the HFS springs I tried the following springs, SOR 2 1/2:mad: , MAF Safari 4" and Downey springs. The HFS springs have allowed me the most articulation and best ride of all of these springs. I cannot say anything about the OME product so I will just say that I am totally happy with the HFS ride and increased offroad capabilites, A friend is running the HFS springs with Rancho shocks and 3/4 shackles with similar results.

From my understanding, you will be happy with both though,

have fun

have a pile of SOR springs for sale, slightly bent or broken, not a good wheeling product
When I installed the springs form HFS, I did have the drivelines extended, new brakelines were required and longer shocks were purcahsed, I tried to run the HFS springs with stock shackles for a while, but the springs are designed for longer shackles for more articulation and I soon had to go to 1 1/2 shackles.
The ride improved 10fold on the street also. The HFS springs and I believe the OME springs compensate for the increased lift as far as steering angles are concerned, no wedge blocks were needed
Thanks to all...I 'preciate the feedback.

Nice rig, Lemon.

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