Questions about these 4cyl diesels

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Mar 24, 2009
A mate bought a hilux with a blown motor that had a rod out the block and it has a safari turbo kit on it ,
It came with a "good motor" in the back of the ute but seems to have it's own issues
What motor, model, size is in the hilux
What motor etc is in the tray
Will they swap into each others place
Can they turbo manifold fit onto the motor in the tray
This is the "good " you can see the key hole is rounded out and also the gear on the crank has slop/play , I recommended not to use this motor , what can be done about this problem?
This motor has 3l on the block?



This is the motor in the hilux
Any know what the motor and details are

You can see the hole in the bock near the starter motor

The hilux is a sr5 duel cab 1992 does any know what motor this comes with originally

The motor in the vehicle is ment to be from a 94 hilux ,
Nothing visible on motors
Vin is jt733LNA309000236
crushers said:
LN = 3L original

So the 3l is part of the much loved 2lt family?
The 3l is the non factory turbo motor?
What size is it 2.8?

The 11/94 motor in the hilux is that 3l as well , it has a different rocker cover
The 94 motor has just been pulled out of the lux




The second is a 1KZ-T. Not much better than the 2lte (family). They do have 120hp though.

OH I get it, the 1KZ-T has the hole in the block and he want to put in the 3l with the slop in the crank key.
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Tear down the damaged engine. It may be not as expensive to fix as you think. That case may be able to have a patch put over it if you haven't breached the water jacket.
The second is a 1KZ-T. Not much better than the 2lte (family). They do have 120hp though.

OH I get it, the 1KZ-T has the hole in the block and he want to put in the 3l with the slop in the crank key.

The 1KZ wasn't around in 92, nor would it have a safari turbo kit on it. All 1KZ's were factory turbocharged.

I don't know a whole lot about the 3L's, but it looks like you've got a pair of them. They're the 2.8 non turbo brother of the 2L and 2LT. There is a later 5L engine which is 3 litres non turbo.

Put a 14BT or 15BT in it if you want to upgrade, otherwise just fix or replace what you've got.
ih8mud is not the forum for this, in all honestly, you want, Toyota 4WD Surf Owners :: Index . When i had a hilux they helped me out alot.
And they know alot more about those motors. its pretty much an australian ih8mud for diesel 4runner and hiluxs.
I had a 92 surf, it was a 2l-te( electronically controlled injection), but there were 2l-t in that year. if its not electronically controlled.
If its a 92 truck the motor coming out is most likely 2l-t, or a 2l-te(both 2.4L). if the 94 is a 3l its a 2.8L. They upgraded the head and made it 2.8 because the 2l-te's cracked heads from overheating all the time.
While your in there, remove the egr if not done already, its pi**poor. Bad engines, no offense
Yes the motor in the 92 hilux that got pulled out last night with the hole in the block is a 94 motor it has a newer style plastic rocker cover than the motor in the back is there any other differences or just the cosmetics.
When was the 5l made or released
The turbo is a safari kit turbo

He has had plenty of turbo diesel 80s and 105s etc but is just after a bunki bush hack as he is over breaking nice cruisers ,so a full engine conversion he doesn't want to do
Also alot of guys replaced the original CT-20 turbos with safaris when they s*** out, so thats why theres a safari in there.
Australia didn't get any 2LT engines. Any would be imports (rare in Aus) and never fitted to a hilux that I've seen. Only surfs.

I know the 5L was being sold as late as 2003 in Australia and NZ, but I don't know when they started fitting them.
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Well to my amazement my mate fixed the flogged out crank key way put the motor in , turbo on ,hooked it all up and its running like dream so far ,
I had forgotten how badly slow and underpowered these motors are until we took it out for a spin off road the other night haha

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