Questions about high milage service schedule, New to Mud and LCs

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Jun 1, 2011

I just purchased my 100, 98 with 155K. Got her for $9.8K from a dealer who had all service records (Starter, Cat, timing belt, etc etc all replaced/serviced on time). Apparently the previous owner traded her in for a new LC, and they happen to get all of the service done at that dealership.

I was looking on the Newb FAQ regarding the service schedule from Toyota. The schedule stops at around 120K miles on the Toyota website. If everything was performed as scheduled up to this point, should I assume that I just need to start the schedule over for a LC with higher milage?

I want to get another 150K at least out of her, and want to make sure that I perform all proper mainenence. I plan on doing most of the maint. myself, having a schedule to go by would be awesome.

Thanks for any help,
Lather, rinse, repeat for another 200K miles! Welcome!
Yep, follow the same service schedule. At higher mileage, pay a little closer attention to suspension and steering components and stay on top of greasing everything, and you should be good to go for quite some time. Sounds like it was a well cared for rig so you should have a great vehicle once baselined. Just check all of your fluids (diffs, trans, t-case, etc) and rock and roll.
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I love my 100 so far, and am glad to be a part of the LC community.
You may also need to go through and torque down bolts that are not on the schedule. I need to do the same to mine.

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