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Mar 29, 2019
Paradise Valley Arizona
Ive had my 1998 cruiser for exactly two years and I’ve finally finshed most of the major mechanical maintenance. T-belt, valve gaskets, plugs, coils, Radiator, alternator, power stealing pump, Rack and pinion, dif bushings

Next on my list is the suspension, bumpers, roof rack, wheels ect. All of which I hope to have done by the end of June. I’ve read lots of threads on here as guides, but I do have a few questions and I’m sure I’ll have more.

1. my cruiser never had the AHC, and the fender is 20 inches from the center of the axel, is that standard for non AHC cruisers? I did install new cheap shocks when I first bought the rig to buy me time to handle other repairs first. I’m asking because I’m trying to gauge clearance for 35 inch tires and how much of a lift I want to install. And I was under the impression that 18 inches was stock so 20 would be a 2” lift. Or has the previous owner messed with the torsion bars?

2. I’ve read several reviews on the Ironman and OME lifts, general consensus seems to be the IM are softer and better suited for streets, but OME are better for heavy Rigs. - at least that’s the impression I’ve gotten from what I’ve read. My question is what is that weight threshold where OME make more sense? I’d say 90% of my driving is on Streets and the cruiser is my daily. But will be throwing bumpers, winch, roof rack ect onto the rig.

3. How much of a lift is “max” to keep the Stock UCA? I’ve seen people say 2” pretty consistently, but others have said that AUCA are a gimmick and not necessary - yes my rig will have a dif drop. anyone running 2-4 inch lifts with OEM UCA?

4. I’m going to be doing the control arm bushing while I do the lift, so they will be off the vehicle, I’m considering putting headers on the rig, do the control arms being off make that job any easier? I’ve read very contradictory reviews of header installs. Some say it’s a 10+ hour job and a thread I saw last night said it took the an hour each side. I do most of my own wrenching, but I’ve never messed with exhaust so I genuinely have no idea what to expect.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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