Questions about a 97

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Oct 22, 2003
Shingle Springs, California
Went to look at a 97 today. THe price is right, but it has a 2 1/2" Edelbrock lift kit? I haven't heard about this, only EMU. There's a control on the dash with 4 air lines going to each shock. They are not airbags. My other concern is the rear diff light wouldn't go solid when I drove foward and backed-up. Willit just take a while for the solenoid to "wake-up?" He said It's never been used for off-road, so maybe that's just what's wrong? I need your thoughts. Thanks!
Don't know anything about that suspension, but as for the rear locker, mine took about 400' in a long slow curve on a gravel road to engage when I first got the truck. Now with exersize it works quite quickly. I doubt anything is wrong with it. The actuator is probably working correctly, you must get the dog clutches to line up, thus the need for a curved path on a loose surface. As an after thought: if you don't like the suspension and the price is right you can always change to OME.
Edelbrock carries Eibach springs with their shocks, but no application is listed for Toyotas.

Spring/shock chart

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