Questions about 1993 Prado JDM

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Jun 29, 2016
Tokyo Japan
I am currently stationed in Tokyo and I can't pass up the chance to bring a diesel JDM LC back with me when I go back to the states in 3 years. I am having a hard time tracking down which model diesels were in the 93 and which one I should look for. I found a shop that will do a complete build for me I just give them the specs I want and they will do the rest. So far I really like the Prado EX wide body. Just not to sure of what diesel I should go for. Any help would be appreciated.
Prados are cool but are you aware those are Light Duty Cruisers ..... more in common with a pickup than a Cruiser ..

all in all best engine for a prado it's the 1KZ-T .. I'm not sure you can get that in the 93 model but worth some investigation on that matter ..

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