question regarding installation of new stereo

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Oct 24, 2004
when i splice the wires going to the speakers, should i attempt to bypass the factory amplifier? I have a Kenwood EZ500, and i'm putting it into my 94 80 series. I've got the premium sound with the 9 speakers if that makes any difference, and I'm going to install a 1500w amp, and a JL12W7 eventually, so i'm not worried about bass through the factory speakers right now. Any advice is appreciated, thanks.


I removed the amp, but you need to carry your wires over to where the factory amp was located for hookups, as I am sure you know. So yes, it was bypassed.
Fair amount of room there for additional accessories, i.e. XM radio receiver.
thanks a lot, that does clear up a good bit of room when you remove it. I've got one more quick question, where is the best place to splice into the ignition acc wire, as well as the ground and battery wires? thanks, i'm sort of a novice to these things
I haven't been into my 80 yet, but if I remember right from other Toyota amplified systems, there may not be a high current battery feed at the head unit area. Only a small memory wire. Since the head unit doesn't have the amp in it it uses very little current so there is no need. If that is the case in the 80 just grab the 12v from the amp. That will be plenty of current for you and the circuit is still protected by a factory fuse. If you gotta run wires to it anyway just run one more!:)
on my 96 there was a high amp 12v line along with the switch 12v line. I bought a harness kit and just followed the directions and everything worked perfectly.

There are some kits that include an antenna switch line which I beleive needs to be ignored, mine did not have this wire.
That's cool that it's a standard Toyota plug behind the radio. I was hoping that was the case. But if you interfaced there, how did you bypass the amp? I'm just a bit confused?
There are two sets of plugs behind the radio chassis. One "standard" pair and the one for the anti-theft remote amp chassis.
well i got it installed last night and it works just fine, thanks for the advice
Glad everything works fine. Having used the Crutchfield wiring harness, I did not have to search for splicing locations. I have no problem with using the factory power supply on my Alpine; however, my xtant sub amp did get a straight run from the battery, as yours should too. I think I used 10 guage because it came with the amp.

Isn't it great to upgrade from factory stereo! Mine kicks butt. Don't forget your hi/low pass filters or crossovers when you do the speakers.

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