Question on front axle rebuild...

Feb 3, 2003

I am rebuilding my front axle/knuckles/ and had several questions.
Is it worth doing the Marlin tack while I have the axles out?
do you use two different types of grease on the rebuild?
I see a post on the lcml right now where they suggest moly lube on the birf and high temp on the knuckle bearings??
I have a gallon of high temp dino .. ready to go? I want to do the right thing, I don;t want to go back in for a while.
I read Morgans piece on this but did not address grease type.

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Feb 13, 2002
Davis, CA
The wheel bearings do need high temp grease- the standard black high temp variety. For packing the birfield and knuckle I used marine grade grease (used in boat trailers- it doesn't turn into soup when it gets wet- and it's blue too!). I was told to use the blue marine grease, or the red grease- I forget what the name of it was... But yeah, two different greases for the bearings and knuckles.

I didn't do the marlin tack on mine- I probably should have, but I don't really plan on breaking it- so why would I need a quick, and easy way to change out a birf?? If you've got the welder and the know how, then just do it and get it over with. Compressing the inner snap ring on a birf is a pain.

HTH- Zipp.


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
I use marine grease on's good enough for trailer bearings, it's good enuf for my front Cruiser bearings, and it works for the knuckle/birf as well. One grease to carry on the trails too.

My cruiser only sees rare/short road use tho...

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