Question on bearing race marks

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Mar 3, 2019
Anyone know if these lateral marks are an issue for reusing the bearing races? I can't feel anything at all when I run my finder on them. I'm guessing this is when a cruiser sits for a while with the bearings in the same spot?

So, are you planning reusing the bearings? What condition are they in? I would be installing new races paired with new bearings if I observed this wear. Just looking this up, I’m finding this condition referred to as either ‘false or true’ brinelling.
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Looks similar

Awesome! Yes I had planned on new bearings and I'll do the races for sure.
Definitely replace, the new bearings should come with a new race anyways. With bearings, something worn mating with something new is a no-no.

Since you can't feel the damage (and true brinelling is typically from a distinct overload event that would deform the race, and from then on feel terrible), my money is on false brinelling. Good photo @Porter. Looks like that bearing was running with too little preload and had saw some vibration and encountered some wiggly vibration modes. "Spinny things do weird things when they spin real fast" said by a PhD Dynamicist I used to work with.
@Somebodyelse5 I think you are spot on with the root cause. There was just a bit of bearing play that when I got the hub off I could see someone jacked up installing the inner seal. I think the preload on the bearing included some of the seal material that eventually compressed and caused the play I felt in the front bearing.

Always appreciate the wisdom here. Thank you!

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