Question on a tapered roller Bearing Differential bearing

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May 28, 2016
Good Morning everyone
While driving my 73 FJ40 I notice a slight vibration and a clicking noise that was coming from the shaft drive. After reading some of the questions on your forums it lead me to inspect the both tapered roller bearing on the Differential and Transfercase.

When I remove both bearings they both fell apart and the bearing on the differential was so bad that I was just fishing out broken pieces

My question are the following
1) Are both bearing the same size?
2) The Part number on one of the bearing that I can read is HR-30306(J ?) NSK. is this the correct bearing that I need to order
3) Is NSK a good bearing? or equal than KOYO?

Thanks once again


The transfer case output bearing is a different bearing than the pinion bearing. 30306 is a good number for the pinion bearing and NSK bearings are fine. I focus more on where the bearing is made these days, and avoid Chinese made. If you aren't familiar with, you need to be. They are very handy for looking up parts by part number of vehicle application. Also Google "bearing cross reference", there are great resources available online.

Time to pull that diff and give it a full inspection. My guess is you find more badly worn bearings.
Drop the diff oil and see what comes out.. :|
Thanks for your help John S and Cult45

There are 2 more questions that I have

1) It looks like for the transfer case output bearing the part number is 62051 and from the picture it looks like it's a regular bearing and not a cup and cone bearing like the PO have put in the FJ. is this correct?
2) What is the best way to remove both cups from the transfer case and pinion.

Once again Thanks Bill


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