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Aug 27, 2007
Flagstaff Arizona
So, I got a new to me 1997 LX450 and am starting to baseline things. I have had it about a week and I noticed the front brakes squeak. Like cheap brake pads would squeak so I decided to take things apart, expecting to see that the pads were either econo-deluxe or that they have worn down to the squeakers. It turns out that they are almost new and Toyota brakes.

Most pads I have seen have a plastic shim on the back, to contact the caliper pistons. These don't. Do Toyota brake pads come with plastic shims? They not needed?
I also cleaned up the caliper pins and the anti-rattle clips on the wire wheel but I'm not expecting that will do very much.

Any insights why the Toyota brake pads are squeaking?
Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
There are 2 anti squeal shims missing from the back of each front pad. They are available from Toyota for about $17.
Part# 04945-04012 takes care of both sets of pads.
The slotted one goes against the back of the pad and the solid one goes against the pistons.

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