Question about installing an Oil Pressure Sender

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Aug 30, 2006
Santa fe, New Mexico
Greetings all,

Now that I'm feeling a little more competent after my hands on experience last weekend, I'm going to be replacing the fuel pressure sender. The current one bounces around a lot and then drops or sometimes pegs on top.

When I unscrew the old one, does oil come out? And when I screw in the new one, do I need to be extra careful in tightening it? Any other tips are also greatly appreciated!
no oil should come out .. ( no running engine .. no pressure all oil in the pan ) few drops as much .. some sort of sealand at the time to put the new one .. and do not overtight ..
Thank you!

What is it that you recomend for sealant? And just a dab around the threats?

Also, define over tight?:) And is this thing tough to unscrew?

Thank you again.

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