For Sale Quadrajet carb for sale

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Nov 29, 2010
Santa Clarita CA
United States
Hello All,
I have swapped out my Quadrajet from my SBC 350 and want to sell it. It was in good running shape when it was pulled.

Please see the pics, for those of you that will wonder what the model numbers mean and what it fits,

The 7043202 FS 0313 decodes as:

704 - Rochester Carb 70 - 75
3 - 1973
2 - Quadrajet 4bbl
0 - Cheverolet Division
2 - Automatic Trans

FS - Manufacturing Plant

0313 - Date - 31st day of 1973

This carb most likely could have come off of 190hp Corvette, however possibly a Camaro, Nova, Monte Carlo, Chevelle etc. (also could have been originally installed on any other 73+ 350 Chevrolet, except L-82 or Truck)

Asking $100 and Buyer pays shipping from 91321

Thanks for looking

Carb (1).jpg

Carb (2).jpg

Carb (3).jpg

Carb (4).jpg
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Sunday evening bump
Friday Bump.....

$100 plus shipping
Still available
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Interested. How long ago did you take it off the engine? How long has it been sitting?
I took it off 3 months ago, been sitting in my garage since then.

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