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Mar 15, 2007
Anyone running Q78 super swampers on their fj40? ,I have a 1978 fj40 with a 4 inch skyjacker lift. Will I need a 2 inch body lift or can I run some as is? I had a Q78(35.5 tall- 10.5 wide) buckshot mudders on a older Ford and they were great in MUD. need feedback before I make a purchase. thanks Bigmoose
the search button is your friend...
many AWESOME rigs running/Q78's
4" lift and a bit of trimming will be good..

They ride like hell on the street but are awesome in the mud..
check the Interco site- the tread depth on the q's is DEEP. Much deeper than some of the much bigger diameter swampers. THey are a super aggressive tire, and one of the weapons of choice around here.
Rabid, I'm up here in NorthWestern Pennsylvania (mud-SNOW etc.), do the Q78 hook up well? Bigmmose
Bogger 35x10.5R16
34.8 x 11.12, 66lbs, skid depth 28/32

TSL Q78-16LT
35.5 x 10.8, 66lbs, skid depth 27/32

SSR 35x10.5R16
35 x 11.6, 70lbs, skid depth 21/32

LTB 34x10.5-16
33.6 x 10.7, 59lbs, skid depth 22/32

Special Service TSL 9/34-16LT
33.8 X 9.1, 56lbs, skid depth 27/32
Q's do great up here in the North East! I run them on stock steelies with SOA. Pics of my rig are all over this board.... but, here it is again:grinpimp:

that's gonna leave a mark....

Q78's are good tires, but not for a dd...

Q78's with stock wheels, 4" SJ and some extended shackles.....Not enough rubbing to be worried about, if any. Obviously my rear fenders are cut. As soon as they warm up, they ride fine on the street/HWY. There might be some used ones in the FS section
Q78 1.jpg
Looks good, Phishtaco, what are you running for gears? I have an chevy 383, sm465 w/ fj 3 speed transfer case,4.11 gears (60-1 in first gear) Do you think thats low enough to wheel in the Lake Erie area(Erie,Pa-Cleveland,Oh) Bigmoose
I've got a 79 2F with stock H42 tranny. I'm going to assume you would be doing pretty good with your setup. Come on down to cincy, I'll set you up with these. I've got a post in the FS tire section. I just wanna try something different.
Ill play, I "ran" a set before I got my MTRs.

4 inch BDS, 2.5 over stock Con fer shackles.

It rolled in the garage pretty damn sweet.:)
Small Junk.JPG
Im SOA with realy worn out springs but I think that they will fit
Is there a big difference between the Bias Ply LTB and the Radial TSL? Im also looking at the Goodyear MTR.

I plan to put on a 4" lift, does anybody have a sugestions?
I found some 15x8, 2.5 backspaced (steel)wagon wheels at Summit racing, is this a good offset for the fj40. Everything else seems 3 3/4 to 5 inch? Any one have a manufacture name or wheel number? TX Bigmoose

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