Q78-15 Super Swampers on FJ60 rims $500

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Apr 1, 2004
Boise, Id
United States
Q78-15 Super Swampers on FJ60 rims $400

Q78-15 Super Swampers TSL's these measure 35.5" tall, x 9.5" wide. New, they list 27/32 tread depth These still have over half an inch of tread depth left. I'd say I've put less than 10,000 miles on them. . They're mounted on 15" rims, 6 on 5.5 bolt pattern, 3.5" back spacing (they're stock LandCruiser FJ60 rims)
$400 for all. Located in Boise, Id 83702. for shipping quotes, use FedEx Ground and 35"x10"x35" and 65lbs.

I can get them from Boise to Idaho Falls and anywhere in between. I'm also going to the Central Coast and Portland next week, via Bend. Could deliver them...
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Still got these? Bump if ya do!;)
Nope, see post 4 in the thread you posted.
Still taking up space in the garage.

These really change the look of a "stocker"
does your pig have a lift? :hmm:

Nope. Just stock springs that were re-arched about 10 years ago. There might be an add-a-leaf in the rear. I'd have to look. I know I pulled the extra leaf out of the front 'cause it f'd up the shackle angle and made it ride like $hit.

The LR tire rubbed the tail-pipe, when/if the body rolled at all. I'd suggest a mile 2-1/2 inch lift.

So are you going to run them now Dan?
So are you going to run them now Dan?

No, they're still for sale. I was just dicking around Sunday and thought I'd see what they'd look like on the 55.

Any plans on coming to Western Oregon??

Heading to your neighborhood this weekend/early next week via Bend. We're staying in Yachats for a few days then going up to Portland and back to Boise next Saturday. I'm not sure the reciever-hitch rack is rated for 260 lbs though...I could put the roof rack on, but that kills the gas mileage.

It'd be funny (ha, ha) if I ended up hauling these there. The last time we drove to Seattle I ended up dragging an FJ60 carcass to HZJ60Guy and a few years before that we took a trip to SLC and I took an FJ55 to a guy down there, along with a set of 37-inch Krawlers. My family might think it's a requirement to haul parts to go on a trip anywhere.

My family might think it's a requirement to haul parts to go on a trip anywhere.


Mine already does.

I PM'd your potential buyer from Oregon yesterday as I just sent an 80 body to Portland and there was more room on the trailer.

These are good tires. I've looked at them several times in person. I just don't have a Cruiser that they will fit on or I would have snapped them up.
Will they fit on my stock FJ62 ? Without a lift it doesn't look too "Do-able".

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