Q2: electronic ignition conversion question

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Oct 15, 2002
i have a 1968 ( i think) chevy 327 that doesn't like to start after it's warmed up. i know it's getting plenty of gas. someone said to put electronic ignition in. what's involved with that, and how much total will the conversion cost me? and could that be the only problem?
you should be able to get an excell distributer for under 200 only one wire to hook up also your problem sounds more like carb like maybe vapor lock?
I agree with fj40dude-we had a long discussion on vapor lock at SOR. Somethin about vents in carb not working right, there are some ways to diagnose properly, I will need to go through my saved archives and dig it out later. Probably tomorrow sometime.
thanks for the feedback. i just had my carb rebuilt a few months ago. but it's right by work, i'll stop there tomorrow and ask him about the vapor lock. since it's been so soon, maybe he'll give me a break. right.

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