Putting Together a parts required list.

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Jan 11, 2010
One of many I'm sure.
This is for being ready when the truck starts to go back together.
I'm stuck on the transmission top lever and housing area.

When i removed the H55F transmission lever and inspected the lever seats , area mounting, I found the two guide pins that hold the gear s*** lever worn and very loose , Not loose enough that they fall out YET , But i was looking for the part#s to order a few spare.
I have attached a screen shot of the EPC.

I was leaning towards part 33121c , left top second part down on the second slide...But seeing another same part number below the cover, I was later thinking that these pins are used to align the main transmission housing with the cover.

Anyone know if those shift lever pins on either side of the shifter lever ball are avaiable and if so , image / figure # ..

This list im building is so i can just submit an e-mail doc with all the part #'s ..

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Spector makes a bolt in replacement kit to fix the loose pins. I have not used one, but a buddy did, and it worked very well. IIRC the stock pins are pressed in, the bolt in kit is an easy fix.

Thanks Doug.
Been looking for there area of transmission repair stuff.
They should put there Catalogue up for downloading or torrent it out.
It is a system of pages and then part number lines that had me going .


You can Enter the Part Number

If you already know your Part Number You can enter the number here. (example: on page 12 part number 1 would be entered as 012-01). Part numbers consist of the Page Number (3 digits) plus a dash (-) plus the item number on that page (at least 2 digits-like "01" for part number "1"). After you type in the Part Number Click on "Enter Part# Now"

I found an area , but made the wrong mouse move , and trying to get back to that area is AHHHHH.. Nuts

062-99-FIX is the parts.


So anyone use this on a H55F

Thanks again VT
pin fix.jpg
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Thanks GENTs .
I was getting orders together for all the gear boxes, this was a stumbler.
SOR web ordering is very confusing , And not worth the hassle if there "kit " is not complete.
Getting stuck because of a part not supplied or "Does NOT come with" is a HUGE setback.

There are many other suppliers.
Maybe there(SOR) CD of parts is better.

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