Putting on 32 inch tires with no lift

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Oct 24, 2003
1991 FJ80
Last night I ordered a set of Eagle Series 102's (15 x 8) with 3.25inch backspacing. When they arrive I'm planning on mounting BFG A/T 32 x 11.50's. Other than that I'm completely stock. Anyone see any problems with this? Should I stick with 10.50 width on the tires?
Sorry that should read 15 x 8 wheels with 3.25 backspacing.
You'll be fine. No worries. You can run 33" without any major issues except for the huge power loss you will get with your 3FE. ::)
32s should be no problem.

I am going to run 34s on my 91 with a regear.

Are you putting 4.56's or the gas hog 4.88's in the 80?

Matt Matthews
So - how bad do you think going from 31" to 32" will slow me down, remember 3FE here.

I was also thinking that the aftermarket rims may be lighter but I couldn't find the weight of the 15 x 7 oem alloys anywhere.

Also - BTW - I bought the new rims (Eagle Alloy) through a guy in Texas that sells them regularly on Ebay. Even after shipping I saved $100 compared to any local shop. If anyone wants his info lemme know.
I would be intrested in the guy. Im planning a lift kit soon and if the price is right then some new wheels might be in order as well along with BIGGER TIRES :D :D :D :D :D :D
His name is Tom. I believe e-mail is tom@tomzwheels.com. The phone # is (866) 939-1030. He's an authorized distributor for eagle. Go to the wheels section on ebay and search for american eagle wheels - you'll likely find one of his auctions. He did mention it was a little cheaper to call him and order as opposed to buying off of ebay. He had over 100 feedback comments, all 100% positive. I'm due to receive the wheels next week, probably won't mount with tires for a few weeks but will post the results when I do.
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You'll be fine. No worries. You can run 33" without any major issues except for the huge power loss you will get with your 3FE. ::)

Huge Power Loss ??? You would have to have power in order to lose it. Not that I have the ideal setup, I'm running 35s with stock gears with the 3FE. In town it is fine. On the interstate and long hills it sucks. I'm in third most of the time. On the trail it really isn't too bad the auto helps you cheat quite a bit. I didn't change gears because I had planned on the diesel swap and it needed a super overdrive to hit freeway speeds.

For your application, you might be able to squeeze 33s under there with the backspacing pushing the wheels out so far. Also BFG tires are small (not true size) when compared to other tires (swampers). My 35s would be called a 33 if they were a Swamper.
I had 100% stock setup. Then in this order I changed.


1. 100% STOCKER! w/TOYO 275's (31 in) and stock suspension and running boards.


2. Night i picked up my rig w/brand new BFG AT's 295's (33 in). It still has the stock suspension & running boards on. The tires were snug..but they fit perfectly w/no mods.


3. BFG AT's (295-33in.) with a OME lift (less running boards). As you can see looks more 'natural'.


3a. W/the addition of my ARB :D

This is my DD and that is the reason i went with the BFG AT's over the MT's. I needed an overall solid tire for day trips/wheeling/commuting. I am 100% satisified with the BFG's with their duraibility and looks. However, I am bias as i origionally had TOYO's on ..then BFG's...I dont have experience with any other tire brands.

When i went from the 275's to the 295's it was a MAJOR difference in the way it drove. It did get a little slower..but not much to worry about. The biggest thing i noticed was the height of the ride vs. the speed. MPG went down some also.

I LOVE parking next to Stockers now! :D

PS..this is a good websight for INFORMATION. Their prices are high..but they have lots of data & dimensions on all sorts of tires.



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