Putting late 70's seats in an early 70's FJ40


Mar 9, 2004
Flagstaff, AZ
I bought some late 70's (with headrest) seats that I want to put into my 1971 FJ40 to replace the bench seat and put a Tuffy console in.

For anyone who has done this, do I need to drill new holes or can I use any existing holes from my bench seat?

Any other words of wisdom?

I haven't bought the Tuffy console yet so don't know exactly how much room I need to leave and don't want to drill more than I have to.

Apr 12, 2002
Brawley, CA.
The P/O installed the seats in mine, which I just did a little modifing to so they'd be alittle more "even". Looks to me like all he did was cut the frame of the bench seat where it supports in the middle. The drivers side has that toolbox (at least on my "70", does the 71 still have it?) Thats where I had to make the mods. To get the seats to sit at the same level I had to add a spacer, 3 1/2" or so between that frame and the seat bottom. Also the seats are out of a Toyota crx or something like that, so don't know the difference with actual LC seats. The Pass. side just needed new tabs on the original frame, no new holes in the floorpan.
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