Putting brake booster back together

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Mar 15, 2009
Ok guys.. I have gone and done it now. I tried to trace down a hiss while braking or at idle. A suspect brake booster.

Well I undid the retaining screw (one side has the master cylinder and the other is the other part of the brake booster) you know the part with the massive spring inside. Well... I undid that to try and peep in and see any tears in the rubber gasket... and none.. well POP.. so now you know whats up.. I can't get the stupid round retaining clip to go back onto the other side so I can screw it down.

Has anyone ever done this retarted marvel or just me?

Please tell me there is a way to get it back together ... like with some massive twist clamps or something.

I really don't have time right now to go to the junk yard and dig for one or spend 300 on a used one.
i found a few posts

IH8MUD Forums - Search Results

I found a few posts you can read through--not sure if any one mentions the spring and how to get it back in?

Actually there is this I am sure there must be a way its been done before though

Boosters go bad (leak). They are not easy to rebuild because you have to build a special jig to recompress the springs. I wouldn't think of rebuilding until and unless I found it had a problem, and I doubt Kurt sold you a bad one.

If you find you need to rebuild, there's a guy (or was, haven't heard in a while) who does them well and reasonably. A search would find his name and contact number if it turns out that way.
I picked up one on ebay in 10 minutes shipped to me for ~$35. In my opinion that is much cheaper, time and money wise, than rebuilding.
20+ years ago when I used to rebuild everything, I used pairs of those large open-throated welders clamps, the vise grip type, to clamp the cover onto the booster & compress the spring. C-clamps will work, too, but take longer to compress.

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