Putting a Ford straight 300 in a 1971 FJ55

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Apr 5, 2009
Kenai, AK.
I have just been offered a free 1971 FJ55 that has been converted to a Chevy v8 but no longer has the engine. I can also probably get a Ford 300 straight 6 for free too, so please save time and don't discuss other engines. The vehicle had a bell housing conversion and still has all the factory parts from the tranny back. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Doug ak.doug@acsalaska.net
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There is a guy on the board that has done this in a 40. His screen name is Perfect Storm 40, or Perfect Storm Cruiser or something like that.
Like you I'm a new guy here but I have been a Ford tech for 20 years:) IMHO the 300 six is one of the best Ford engines ever made. If you are up to some wiring I would swap in a 300 with EFI they were the best of the 300 with lots of low end torque.
i often though about putting in the 300 six when the old chevy straight 6 dies in my cruiser. got decent power but not to much where a person will start breaking stuff.
Ditto to Lil John. Spend a grand to put in an oddball free engine that's pretty much worthless or put that same or less $$ towards the most common powerplant in the world that will bolt right in? Even if you are Bill Ford, it's pretty obvious to me the best way togo.
I like Fords, and years ago my job included delivering Ford industrial 300 power packs to midwest farmers for irrigation use - a great engine that runs forever.

However - given your setup, replacing the SBC is the way to go. Your truck will also have considerably better resale value with the SBC.
I almost hate to have to add this... but 99.99999% of the 55s up here are not worth spending a dime on.... I know of one left in the Anchorage area that is not (reportely) too bad off... Brought up from the 48 a couple of years ago. I have not seen one on the road here in years.... I have not sold an FJ55 specific part in 8-10 years now. I know of a couple in Fairbanks that have survived decently. But they do not get driven much.

The first thing I would do is take a good hard look at this free Pig. It very well may not be worth your time. If you have found a lost diamond I would love to see it.


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