Pusher fan for fj60?

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Feb 28, 2008
I've got a tbi v8 fj60. I've got my a/c all hooked up works great but now that its going over 100 in AZ the A/C will warm up a bit sitting for extended periods of time. My wife wants to use this for her "Mom car" with our first one on the way so I want it perfect if she is going to be driving it which means ice cold a/c all the time. I can't really justify a 4th car for 2 drivers.

Has anyone installed a pusher fan in front of the condenser? If so what brand/size work? How about the temp control unit? I'm almost thinking 2 small pusher fans, one on each side. The main problem I see is the condenser hard line running in front is really going to limit size and placement.
I'm in process of getting my a/c working. I too, plan to install a pusher fan in front of the condensor...in my case it will be just on the drivers side. I also have an issue the crazy #$%^ hard line in the way. I've ordered a fan and some parts. It may be a few weeks before it all gets installed. Not a lot of room between grill and condensor. I'll be running a SPAL fan and using one of their relay setups and most likely will restort to manual control. Spal and others make a controller but you have to tap into a temp source. You might consider having the fans turn on only when the a/c is engaged via relay. I also ordered some fan mount brackets but I've not seen them in person yet so don't know if they will work. This guy has a good selection of SPAL fans. The-Fan-Man spal fan manufacturers, electric automotive cooling fans
Could tie into the A/C compressor clutch with a relay for the fan. Then it would come on every time the clutch engages. Or tie the relay into the A/C demand circuit so that it is on all of the time the A/C is on.
I think tying in to the clutch sounds like the way to go. The only other way I thought was a probe in the condenser fins. That way at highway speeds it would shut down. That would probably be a little trick to get it to cycle right though.

Elbert which fan did you go with? I'm thinking of maybe running a 6.5 on one side and a 7.5 on the other. I'll probably start with the 7.5 see how it works and then go bigger. That hardline is what kills me.
FYI: I was able to move the hard line to the bottom of the condenser... when I installed a tranny cooler with a fan in front of the AC condenser... I did have to trim the interior of the grill for it all to fit but you might not have to do all that if it is just a fan you are putting in there...

I think any AC shop would be able to replace that line with a flexible hose.....
Yea I've had a/c for about a year and half. I've been debating having the shop I had make my lines do another one. I just don't feel like draining and refilling the thing again. Probably worth it in the long run though.
yea...we (my friend and I) talked about having the hard line at the condensor replaced with a hose...but I never got around to it. That seems a logical solution.

I may just go with a manual switch...but if auto controlled my view would be that if the ac request is on the fan should be on, rather than having the fan cycle on and off with teh compressor lke it would do in milder weather, I would prefer that it just stay on.

If I have time tomorrow I might look into getting a hose made up for the condensor (the one that comes across the body of the condensor at the front).
I'll post some pics of the fan I plan to use as soon at it shows up. for right now I'm just going to get a skinny one that looks like it will work., may change that later on if needed.
Could tie into the A/C compressor clutch with a relay for the fan. Then it would come on every time the clutch engages. Or tie the relay into the A/C demand circuit so that it is on all of the time the A/C is on.

this is exactly what i did with a small (i think 10") generic pusher. Barely fit under the grill.

I'll look for pics.
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So did you just have a new line made to replace that hardline?
I put on a 10" pusher today and If you have a v8 and A/C that works the pusher is 100% worth it. At idle the pusher drops the A/C temps almost to what they are at cruiser. I'm probably in about the absolute best position to test this since it was 110 and sunny today and my 60 is black soa pushing around 35s.

The 60 has always ran 200 or less with the a/c off but idling for longer than a minute after its warmed up in 105+ temperature it would start to creep all the way to 225. Which is still tolerable but at that point the a/c would start to feel fairly useless.
After installing the pusher it locks it at 210 even on when idling for 5-10 minutes. The best part is it keeps the a/c nice and cold regardless.

I'm not sure on the specs of the fan but it does push hard and I know it was around 100$. It was on a backup oil cooler for my sand rail. I looked all over town for a 10" low profile pusher this morning and after about ordering one from the link Elbert posted I remembered I had one in a spare parts box. The fan measures 2" in depth has S blade fans. I used a universal mounting kit and spaced the fan 1/2" and adjusted the hardline to run underneath of the fan. It clears with about 1/8 of an inch or so to spare without modifying the grill. I ran it off a universal 30Amp relay triggered by the A/C clutch wire.

It worked so well I'm tempted to throw a 7.5" in the space to the right and down of this one just for the heck of it.
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looks good. I bought a 12 slim SPAL fan... we ran into an issue with my a/c hoses (the block) tha mates to the compressor is not sealing properly so may have to get new hoeses made up using a stock GM a/c hose for baseline. I'm going to moutn my fan on the drivers side of the radiator.
did you swap out that hard line that runs across the front of the condensor?

And do you have clearance issues with the grill?
I didn't have to clearance the grill or swap the hardline It makes it by about an 1/8th or a little better. That is with the fan spaced 1/2" to clear that condenser line.

If you have a 12" though its going to be tricky...... 10"fits on the passenger side because you can massage the hardline close to the condenser and space it 1/2". At 10" its almost touching the fixed portion of the condenser where that hardline connects. There is really no getting around that. You would have to re do the middle support to get anything bigger in...
The problem with the drivers side which is hard to see in this pic is that the other end of that hardline connects into another fixed portion of the condenser, you can see it on top of the oil cooler. You wouldn't be able to get a 12 in there either without spacing it out a ton and then it would really interfere with the grill.

You'll be able to see what i'm trying to describe when you pop out your grill. Its to bad I would have liked to get a 14 or even 16 in there if I could have. I might add another 7.5 in between the support and that oil cooler just for fun. That 10" made such a difference now its got me wondering if I got another one one there if it would be even colder...

that looks just like what mine ended up looking like.

Glad it works well!
Thanks man the tip on the 10" fan saved me a lot of headache.
yea...I know its going to "sucK" getting the fan in there... but I guess that's the challenge. Had to take a break and go trial riding ...Harlan, KY... So got to get the A/C block issue fixed and or figure out a solution with a GM hose...anyway back to getting a/c working. and pusher fan.
I was screwing with the A/c hose assembly that I had made and getting it installed and so I had the grill out and headlight bezels..etc. The more I looked at the radiator the more it seems like a 10 inch fan would be the max size that would have a hot chance in @#$%$ of fitting. I ran out of time as I wanted to see if I could figure out a way to install the fan I have, but it looks like it may be mission impossible. May have to resort to a 10 inch fan and call it a day.

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