Push rod cover leaks after 3 fixes

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Jun 23, 2006
Bradenton Fl
Got new gasket from Cdan, checked , cleaned and straightened the cover installed and snugged it down carefully and evenly ,leaked in a few days .Lived with the leaking for a year. Removed everything again and did the two large bead repair after removing gasket and cleaning everything again.I let both large beads cure overnite and added a little fresh rtv before re installing the plate , leaks again.The oil is NOT coming down from the rocker cover area. It seems to leak at the front lower area of the cover . I carefully tighten all the bolts and it will lessen somewhat?? Is there another problem in this area?? I just ha8te oil leaks.
Since I made a new oil pan out of 1/8 plate I will probably do the same for the side cover when I get around to fixing my side cover oil leak. Does anybody have a 3B that doesn't leak out the side cover?

The cork gasket is crap. I hope you remove it. When i change mine i changed the cork gasket and like you it kept leaking. Use loctite on the screws, that fixed the leaking for me.
try using "the right stuff" instead of rtv silicone in addition to the loctite on the bolts.

How warped is your cover? Every time your PO tried to "fix" it by cranking down the bolts the cover bends a bit...
All of your input makes sense,I did remove the new cork gasket and did it with two fairly large beads of black gasket rtv .I;m gonna try loctite on the front bolts before doing it all over again. When I snug up the front bolts,[They seem to loosen over time] it almost does not leak so "maybe " a rework with loctite will work
Oil runs down side of engine on right side of engine - in my case RHD side,collects around base of top of pan and in my case also around the front of the engine water pump area
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